Scottish Gardener Multi-Purpose Compost - 60L

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A premium quality 40% peat-reduced compost produced with essential nutrients and trace elements, providing an ideal medium for vigorous and healthy plant growth. Contains Forest Gold.

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£18.36 Inc VAT
Availability: 2,010 In Stock


Scottish Gardener Multi-Purpose Compost is produced with essential plant nutrients and trace elements to ensure vigorous, healthy growth of plants. A wetting agent has also been added to ease re-wetting and moisture retention. Scottish Gardener Multi-Purpose Compost is enhanced with Forest Gold to deliver stronger, healthier plants.

Scottish Gardener Multi-Purpose Compost provides the ideal growing medium for seed sowing, striking cuttings, growing on young plants and potting on established plants. It provides the ideal balance between water holding ability and free drainage. Scottish Gardener Multi-Purpose Compost is recommended for window boxes, containers and hanging baskets and for planting out shrubs and trees.

Helpful gardening tips

  • Rework compost between hands before use to reconstitute
  • Wear gardening gloves when handling
  • Reseal bag after use
  • Store Scottish Gardener Multi-Purpose Compost in a dry, frost free environment away from weedkillers and other chemicals.

Forest Gold
Forest Gold is a timer derived additive produced from wood-chips sourced from responsibly managed forests. Forest Gold is impregnated with nutrients to provide a slow release fertiliser source to all crops for healthy root development and superior plant growth. In extensive trials it has been found that plants perform better in Forest Gold mixes than in conventional 100% peat mixes. Forest Gold is a light, fibrous material that provides the following benefits:

  • Bigger, healthier plants
  • Superior root growth
  • Improved water holding
  • Excellent growing results

Directions for use
Sowing - suitable for all types of seed
Slightly overfill the seed tray with compost. Level the compost off the top of the tray and firm gently until it is 5mm under the rim of the tray. Sow the seed thinly and evenly over the surface, paying attention to the seed packet instructions. Cover with a layer of compost no more than the depth of the seed. Water the compost thoroughly and cover the tray with glass or polythene to reduce moisture loss and prevent drying out. Place in a warm area (20-21 degrees C) out of sunlight until germination has occurred. When seedlings are strong enough, transplant by leaves to avoid damage to stems and roots. Plant seedlings apart to allow for growth. Water regularly to avoid compost drying out until the seedlings are ready to be potted on.

Growing on- allows easy root development
Before transplanting from pots to containers it is best to water the plants well and allow to drain. When potting on plants select a pot the next size up from the previous container. Use the compost straight from the bag for pricking out seedlings and for potting on rooted plants. Part fill the pot with compost allowing sufficient space to accommodate plant roots. Place plant in the centre of the pot, taking care not to damage the roots and top up with compost. Firm the compost gently and water well.

Cuttings - ideal for soft and heel cuttings
Take cuttings by making a sloping cut with a sharp knife, in the stem and removing all of the bottom leaves. To encourage rooting, drop the end of the cutting in hormone rooting powder. Fill pot/tray with compost and water well. Making a hole in the compost with a pencil/dibber, place the cutting into the hole and gently firm the compost around it, ensuring good contact of the compost with the submerged cutting. Water thoroughly. Do not place cuttings too close together. When finished taking cuttings, place glass or polythene over the pot/tray to reduce moisture loss, ensuring the leaves do not touch the glass or polythene. Place in a warm environment out of direct sunlight until cuttings have taken.

Containers - perfect for hanging baskets and tubs
Scottish Gardener Multi-Purpose Compost provides an excellent free draining growing medium for planting all types of baskets and containers. Fill the hanging basket/window box with compost. Plant with trailing plants around the outside and upright plants in the middle and water thoroughly. Place hanging basket / window box in a green house until plants have established in the compost before transferring outside.

Outdoor planting of trees and shrubs
Dig a hole in the soil at least twice the size of the root ball. Mix Scottish Gardener Multi-Purpose Compost in a 50:50 blend with the soil and refill the hold around the roots, firming gently. Water well.


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