Scottish Gardener Ornamental Bark 0-30mm - 70L

Code: BAR0105980

A superior quality decorative mulch which suppresses weed growth, protects roots from frost, whilst retaining moisture during warm weather


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£7.91 Inc VAT
Availability: 134 In Stock


Scottish Gardener Decorative Bark Chips provide a natural and decorative finish around plants on beds and borders. Their attractive appearance and colour compliments plants and shrubs showing them to their best advantage. Decorative Bark Chips are hard wearing and long lasting and help keep plants healthy and vibrant by protecting tender roots from frost.

Scottish Gardener Decorative Bark Chips helps plants to flourish, during warm weather, by reducing moisture loss from the soil or compost. Providing a carpet of these chips greatly helps reduce garden maintenance by suppressing weed growth allowing plants to thrive.

Scottish Gardener decorative chips are ideal for:

  • Protecting plant roots from frost
  • Reducing moisture loss from soil or compost in warm weather
  • Suppressing weeds and unwanted grass
  • Softening hard surfaces such as paths
  • Mulching flower, conifer and heather beds and planted up borders
  • Providing an impact absorbing surface for use in play areas
  • Providing a safe and decorative finish to the edges of paths and driveways

Directions for use
Remove all weeds and unwanted grasses from the area to be covered. Ensure the ground is moist and not frozen.

Laying a ground cover membrane
For best results place a ground cover membrane over the soil surface before spreading the bark chips. Apply fertiliser to plant before applying bark mulch.

Applying as a surface mulch
Spread 75mm (3 inches) evenly over the soil surface by hand or using a rake to level. Scottish Gardener Decorative Bark Chips are hard-wearing and will list for 3 years if applied as above.

Applying under play equipment
Spread generous amounts of Decorative Bark Chips ensuring a layer of at least 26cm (10"). The mulch may need raking over and topping up occasionally. 

Helpful gardening tips

  • Store in a clean, dry, cool place away from excessive sunlight and heat
  • To prevent contamination store away from garden chemicals and weedkillers
  • Wear gardening gloves when handling
  • Reseal bag after use

Under certain weather conditions fungal growth may appear in bark, particularly when stored in bags or bales. This growth is harmless to plants and will eventually disappear


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