TEKU plant pots

Clydeside Trading Society are proud to supply TEKU products. When it comes to plants, Poeppelmann TEKU is your strong and reliable partner. Whether high-quality plant pots, professional cultivation systems or innovative transport and germination trays, Poeppelmann TEKU are the specialist in products for commercial horticulture. For over 45 years, Poeppelmann have been offering our customers sophisticated solutions and added values for the best plants, maximum efficiency and effective resource conservation. Practical ideas for excellent self-marketing complement our diverse portfolio.
Rapid growth, healthy plants, outstanding machinability. Poeppelmann TEKU is not only characterised by the leading product range, but also offers the optimal solution for your culture with any of the TEKU range. And thanks to its exceptional product availability, Poeppelmann TEKU is always your reliable partner, even in the heat of the season.
Additionally each product title will take you to additional information provided by our suppliers, should this be required please click the product/series name. You can also review the Poeppelmann catalogue by following the link below.
If you are unable to find any particular products or have an enquiry then please do not hesitate to call the CTS office on 01555 894151.

TEKU Catalogue

TEKU plant pots

vcg pots
VCG series (5°)

Available options:
diameter: 9 cm height: 6.8 cm volume: 0.29 l
VCG 10
diameter: 10 cm height: 7.9 cm volume: 0.42 l
VCG 10.5
diameter: 10.5 cm height: 8.2 cm volume: 0.46 l
VCG 13
diameter: 13 cm height: 10.2 cm volume: 0.89 l

vtg pots
VTG Series (8 °)

Available options:
diameter: 9 cm height: 6.8 cm volume: 0.27 l
VTG 10
diameter: 10 cm height: 7.9 cm volume: 0.38 l
VTG 10.5
diameter: 10.5 cm height: 8.3 cm volume: 0.43 l
VTG 13
diameter: 13 cm height: 10.2 cm volume: 0.84 l

VCH 11 and 13 pot profile
VCH 11 VOL and VCH 13

Available options:
diameter: 10.5cm height: 9.2cm volume: 0.51 l
VCH 13
diameter: 13 cm height: 11.6 cm volume: 1 l

Black, Terracota and White


Available sizes:
MCI 17 diameter: 17 cm height: 13.3 cm volume: 2 l
MCI 19 diameter: 19 cm height: 14.7 cm volume: 3 l
MCI 23 diameter: 23 cm height: 17.9 cm volume: 5 l
MCI 26 diameter: 26 cm height: 21.2 cm volume: 7.5 l
MCI 29 diameter: 29 cm height: 21.8 cm volume: 10 l


Available sizes:
DT 9/15 53x31x7 cm
DT 9/18 53x31x7.5 cm
DT 9F/18 55x31x9.5 cm
DT 10.5/15 53x31.5x8.6 cm
DT 10.5B/15B 53x31.5x9.5 cm


Available sizes:
MHB 33 height: 33 cm hook length: 35 mm
MHB 38 height: 38 cm hook length: 35 mm
MHB 45 height: 45 cm hook length: 35 mm
A 60 height: 60 cm hook length: 38 mm
4 Standard Colours and 7 Trendy Colours

Hanging Baskets

Available sizes:
MAL 20 diameter: 20 cm height: 13.4 cm volume: 3 l
MAL 25 diameter: 25 cm height: 15.4 cm volume: 5 l
MAL 27 diameter: 27 cm height: 16.4 cm volume: 6 l