Soparco Pots

Clydeside Trading Society are proud to supply Soparco products. Soparco produces a number of different ranges of pots, baskets, liners and containers for professional horticulturalists and home gardener. If you are unable to find any particular products or have an enquiry then please do not hesitate to call the CTS office on 01555 894151.

Soparco Catalogue

Soparco Pots

Liner T Polystyrene

Available sizes:
Liner Pot, Black, 2640 per pot, 7 cm x 7cm x 8cm
Liner Pot, Black, 1008 per case, 9cm x 9cm x9cm

Thermoformed Duo (Glossy)

Available sizes:
Low Duo Pot, Terracotta, 1450 per case, 9cm (5 inch)
Low Duo Pot, Terracotta, 920 per case, 10.5cm (5 inch)
Low Duo Pot, Terracotta, 456 per case, 13cm (5 inch)
High Duo Pot, Terracotta, 432 per case, 13cm (5 inch)

SM Containers (Matt)

Available sizes:
1L SM, Black, 150 per case, 13.2 cm x 10.4cm
2L SM, Black, 130 per case, 16.7cm x 13.2cm
3L SM, Black, 110 per case, 19cm x 15cm

Octo hanging baskets

Octo hanging basket plus hanger with a glossy surface, rigid and solid. Available in colours Green, White and Terracotta.
Available sizes:
Hanging Baskets, 56 per case, 27cm x 18.4cm
Hanging Baskets, 80 per case, 23cm x 15.2cm

Colorama Range

The Colorama range are available in Fuchsia, Green and Violet.
Available sizes:
Hanging Baskets, 80 per case, 23cm x 15.2cm
Hanging Baskets, 64 per case, 26cm x 17.7cm

Big Containers

These containers are Black and come in various volume sizes as listed below with their dimensions. These are sold individually.
Available sizes:
15L, 33cm x 26cm
20L, 37.7cm x 26cm
30L, 42.9cm x 29.8cm
43L, 50cm x 34cm H (including handles)