Polythene, Polytunnels, Canes and Propogation Equipment

This page displays information relating to our range of Polythenes, tunnel repair tape and equipment used within tunnels such as heaters as well as canes and cane caps.
CTS also use XL Horticulture to supply tunnel covers. If interested in anything related to polytunnel purchase or repair then please call the office for more information.
In addition if you are unable to find any particular products or have an enquiry then please do not hesitate to call the CTS office on 01555 894151.


Black & White Polythene

Available sizes:
915mm x 300m x 85mu
1830mm x 150m x 85mu

Bubble Polythene

Available sizes:
750mm x 100m Small Bubble
1.5m x 50m Large Bubble

Clear Polythene

Available sizes:
1850mm x 100m x 125mu
2750mm x 200m x 38mu
3700mm x 100m x 38mu
3700 x 50m x 125mu
200mm x 200m x 500g
1.2m x 250m, Black, Micro Perforated
2.1m x 250m Black, Micro Perforated

Tunnel Repair Tape

Tunnel repair tape and anti-hotspot tape.

Available sizes:
Anti Hot Spot Tape, 30mm x 9m

Canes and Caps


Available sizes:
3´, 500 per bundle
2´, 250 per bundle
2´, 250 per bundle
2´, 250 per bundle
2´, 250 per bundle
2´, 250 per bundle

Split Canes

Available sizes:
3", 5000 per bundle
18", 5000 per bundle
24", 2500 per bundle
30", 1250 per bundle
36", 1250 per bundle

Cane caps

Available sizes:
CC1, 1000 per pack
CC2 (Thin cane), 1000 per pack
CC3, 1000 per pack
CC4, 1000 per pack
Pyramid, 1000 per pack

Heaters and Propogation

Soil Warming Cables

Available sizes:
20 feet
40 feet
80 feet


Hotbox Superb 2.8kW Dual


Available sizes:
3000 Popular 3kW
DeLuxe 1.5kW
Model 5

Upright Fan Heater

2000W upright fan heater