Packaging and Tools

Maintaining a healthy garden requires pruning trees and bushes as well as a good level of general garden maintenance. We have a range of different gardening tools to assist you with.
In addition if you are unable to find any particular products or have an enquiry then please do not hesitate to call the CTS office on 01555 894151.


Felco Secateurs

Available sizes:
Model No. 2
Model No. 4
Model No. 5
Model No. 6
Model No. 7
Model No. 9 (Left-Handed)

Hay Rake

Large Alloy Hay Rake

Digging Fork

Professional digging fork


Treaded professional digging spade

Dutch Hoe

Professional Dutch Hoe


Professional 14-tooth Dutch Hoe

Edging Knife

Professional Edging knife


Professional Spade


Spear and Jackson Digging Spade

Border Spade

Spear and Jackson Border Spade

Digging Fork

Spear and Jackson Digging Fork

Border Fork

Spear and Jackson Border Fork


Wooden Hay Rake 16T

Watering Cans

Haws Watering Cans

Available options:
Deluxe 5L, 7L
Traditional Galvanised 8.8L, 4.5L
Watering Can 10L


Available sizes:
½", 50m
¾", 50m
1"", 50m
½", 25m
¾", 25m

Geka Lances

Available options:
Soft Rain 40cm, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm
Telescopic Lance 135"

Geka Couplngs

Available sizes:
Hosetail, ½", ¾", 1", 1.25"
Geka Plug Coupling

Sprayers and Spares Kits


Available options:
CP 500mm Standard
CP 1m Lance
CP 2m Lance


Available options:
Anvil nozzle pack 1.8, Blue
Anvil nozzle pack 1.8, Green, QTYx5
Anvil nozzle pack 2.4, Red, QTYx5
Flat Fan Nozzle, Yellow

Pro Plus Sprayers

Available options:
Pro Plus, 5L
Pro Plus Knapsack, 16L
Pro Plus Handcart pump, 16L

Maxipro Sprayers

Available options:
Maxipro Handheld, 5L
Maxipro Handheld, 8L

Minipro Sprayers

Available options:
Minipro, 1.5L

Screw caps

Available options:
Screw cap 2000
Screw cap Classic


Available options:
Classic CP15, 15L
Classic CP3, 20L

Sprayer Knapsack

Available options:
CP3, 2000 Series, 20L
CP15, 2000 Series, 15L


Available options:
CP2 Nozzle Boom
CP3 Nozzle Boom
CP4 Nozzle Boom

Telescopic Lance

Available options:
Telescopic Lance, 1-2m

Trigger valve

Available options:
CP Plastic Trigger valve

Labels from Tyne Moulds

Angel Head Label

Available options:
SL160, 50 labels, size:16cm
SL190, 50 labels, size:19cm
SL275, 50 labels, size:27cm
SL400, 50labels, size:38cm
SL440BB, 50 labels, size:43cm
SL500, 25 labels, size:53cm

Card Holder

Card Holder (Danish Trolley) SL602
SL602, 25, A5

Computer Label

Available options:
LL21, 1000, 14cm

Loop Lock Label

Available options:
LL5, White, 1000 labels, 16cm
LL8, White, 1000 labels, 22cm

Pot Labels

Available options:
L4, Assorted Colours, 1000 labels, size:4"
L5, White, 1000 labels, size:5"
L6, White, 1000 labels, size:6"
L8, White, 500 labels, size:8"
EL12, White, 50 labels, size:12"
L16, White, 50 labels, size:16"

T. Label

Available options:
SL135, W, 100 labels, size:15cm
SL200, W, 100 labels, size:20cm
SL250, W, 100 labels, size:24cm
SL300, W, 100 labels, size:30cm
SL340, W, individual labels, size:33cm

Plant Supports

Plant Support Clips

Available options:
9" Plant Support Clip PC9, 100 clips, size:100
Plant Support Clip, 8.5cm PSC85, 100 clips, size:100
Plant Support Clip, 11cm PSC11, 100 clips, size:100
No.53 Fruit Securing Clips, 1000 clips, size:12cm
No.55 Tree Securing Clips, 1000 clips, size:15cm

Tree Care

Tree Strapping

Available options:
ST25, 25m x 2.5cm, 25m coil
ST38, 25m x 38cm, 25m coil
Soft cushion for ST38, sold individually
Soft cushion for ST25, sold individually
Hoop Collar, 3.8cm, sold individually
Hoop Collar, 2.5cm, sold individually
TP17, Supersoft Adjust. Tie, 17cm, 250 pack
TP30, 12" Supersoft Tree tie, sold individually
TP31, Supersoft Adjust. tie, 31cm, 100 pack
TP45, Supersoft Tree Ties (18"), sold individually
TP60, Supersoft Tree Ties (23"), sold individually
BT45 Buckle Tree Ties (18" x 1"), sold individually
BT60 Buckle Tree Ties (24" x 1"), sold individually
SP18 Spiral Tree Guards (18"), sold individually
SP24 Spiral Tree Guards (24"), sold individually
SP30 Spiral Tree Guards (30"), sold individually
Soft tubing, Green, 3mm x 150m, Tube 3, sold individually
Soft tubing, Green, 4mm x 320m, Tube 4, sold individually

Max. tape/Staples and Blades

Available options:
Tying Machine
Max Staples, 4800
Max Tape (10 Coils)
Max Blades (3) Serrated
Max Tube Tying Machine
Soft tubing, Green, 3mm x 150m, Tube 3, sold individually
Soft tubing, Green, 4mm x 320m, Tube 4, sold individually