Ground Cover Products

Ground cover can come in many different forms including various types of ground fabric, fleece, matting and windbreak.
If you are unable to find any particular products or have an enquiry then please do not hesitate to call the CTS office on 01555 894151.

Ground Cover

Ground Cover

Available sizes:
1m x 100m
1.5m x 100m
2m x 100m
3.25m x 50m
4.2m x50m
5.2m x 50m

Ground Cover Pegs

Available sizes:
MMP 2 - 15cm

Fleece 18g/m²

Available sizes:
2m x 100m
6m x 250m
2m x 250m
4m x 250m

Capillary Matting

Available sizes:
1m x 40m
1.24m x 40m
1.54m x 40m
1.85m x 40m
2.1m x 40m

Shade Netting/Windbreak

Shade Netting 50%
Available sizes:
1m x 50m
1.5m x 50m
2m x 50m
3m x 50m