Fargro, Planters and Baskets

Clydeside Trading Society can supply the wide range of products offered by Fargro. Fargro Ltd is a horticultural distributor based in Arundel, West Sussex. They are a leading distributor and supplier of exclusive horticultural products including agrochemicals, niche hardware and machinery products. Fargro are proud holders of a Royal Warrant granted by Her Majesty The Queen. Royal Warrants have always been regarded as demonstrating service, quality and excellence, and are highly prized. If you are unable to find any particular products or have an enquiry then please do not hesitate to call the CTS office on 01555 894151.

Fargro Online Catalogue

Fargro Pots

12" Cluster Planter

Available sizes:
Pink/Green, 12 inch, 30.5cm x 23cm (9.6L)

12" Laurel Square Planter

Available sizes:
Wisteria/Silver, 12 inch, 13cm by 9.9cm (12.8L)

10" Helix Tall Planter

Available sizes:
Warm Copper/Silver, 25cm x 18cm (6L)

Tuscany Roman

Available sizes:
Various colours, 6.8L, 11.5L, (29L)

11" Weave Planter

Available sizes:
Chestnut/Brushed Champagne, 28cm x 21.5cm (7.57L)

15" Laurel Window box

Available sizes:
Wisteria/Silver, 29cm x 38cm x 16cm (7.6L)


Available sizes: Various Colours
22cm x 16cm (4L)
24cm x 17cm (5L)
28cm x 20cm (6.5L)
31cm x 22cm (8.5L)

14" Tall Estate Square

Available sizes:
Chalk/Brushed Champagne, 35.5cm x 39cm (30.9L)


Finesse glossy tall square pot.
Available colours:
Anthracite, Black/Mocha


Lilia glossy tall round pot.
Available colours:
Anthracite, Black/Mocha

Chestnut Cask Planters

Available options: Chestnut/Driftwood/Grey
CTCK10CB, 10"
CTCK12CB, 12"
CTCK16B, 16"

12" Prairie Window Box

Available sizes:
Coffee Creme, 30cm x 15cm (12")

14" Dune Planter

Dune Planter with rim.
Available colours: Amaranth, Purple

Moroccan Series

11" Hanging Basket
13" Planter.
Available sizes:
Basket, Brushed Penny, 11"
Planter, Brushed Penny, 13"