Professional Products

Base Container

Suitable for outdoor or protected hardy nursery stock and herbaceous perennials. The base feed levels will establish the crop with controlled release fertilisers being added to provide long term nutrition as needed or dictated by your nursery requirements.
Available sizes: 80L bag, 45 per pallet.


Excellent for packs and small pots. Free flowing, ideal for use with tray filling and transplanting equipment. A medium feed level has been incorporated to establish even growth. Liquid feeding techniques are the favoured method to sustain longer cropping programs. However, the addition of controlled release fertilisers are also available on request.
Available sizes: 80L bag, 45 per pallet.

Danish Bedding

Known as Danish bedding because Danish growers favour the addition of clay to increase the buffering or nutrient holding capacity of the substrate. The extra buffering helps produce a wide range of specialist crops. Specific mixes for salt sensitive plants have also been developed from this range i.e. cyclamen and primroses.
Available sizes: 80L bag, 45 per pallet.

Danish Potting

Our Danish Pot Plant Substrate has been developed using an open structured peat with added clay granules. It is ideal for planting up to 9cm to 13cm pot plants and is very useful for salt sensitive species. Low nitrogen versions of both the above mixes are available to suit production of pansies, primroses and any other crop requiring control of vegetative growth to produce the required plant habitat.
Available sizes: 80L bag, 45 per pallet.


Developed for 9cm to 13cm pot plant production. The open structure of this substrate is particularly well suited to both flood bench and overhead irrigation methods. Accurate feed levels encourage even rooting and strong top growth.
Available sizes: 80L bag, 45 per pallet.

Seeding Compost

A high quality consistent, seeding mix that is ideal for trays and module plugs. A blend of fine peats allow for easy filling of all sizes of plug trays. We also offer a range of specialist fertilizers for specific crop requirements. Fertiliser levels can be adjusted to suit specific growing requirements. This mix is available as 100% peat.
Available sizes: 80L bag, 45 per pallet.

Retail Products

Decorative Bark

Larger size bark chips made from entirely renewable resources. FSC approved.
Use as a decorative mulch for beds and borders, suppression of weeds and moisture retention.
Available sizes: 70L bag, 45 per pallet.

Farmyard Manure

Perfect for improving the quality of poor soils. Bulrush farmyard manure provides a natural source of organic matter to encourage healthy plant growth. Dig into the soil to improve the quality of poor soils, such as heavy clay and light sandy soils.
Available sizes: 50L bag, 55 per pallet.

Forest Gold M/Purpose

Multi Purpose Compost with added John Innes is a unique combination of peat, sterilised loam and Forest Gold. Used by many traditional gardeners for healthy plant establishment and growth.
Available sizes: 60L bag, 60 per pallet.

Forest Gold Rhodedendron

This compost is specially formulated to provide the correct pH balance for acid-loving plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Camellias.
Available sizes: 60L bag, 60 per pallet.

Forest Gold Moist. Retaining

Use with hanging baskets, containers, tubs and window boxes. Contains a special water retaining agent, aquasorb, which absorbs and retains large amounts of water and nutrients. Aquasorb releases the absorbed water and nutrients as and when the plant demands.
Available sizes: 60L bag, 60 per pallet.


The Bulrush Grow Bag is enriched with Forest Gold and provides vital nutrients for growing vegetables, fruits, salads and herbs.
Available size: 33L bag, 125 per pallet.


Bulrush multi-purpose compost is enhanced with the innovative ingredient, Forest Gold, combined with essential nutrients and trace elements, to create a premium product. This compost formulation delivers superior plant growth, healthier plants and improved water holding capacity. Ideal for planting jobs all around the garden for unrivalled results.
Available sizes:
60L bag, 65 per pallet
40L bag, 100 per pallet
20L bag, 112 per pallet

Top Soil

Bulrush sterilised top soil is carefully selected and graded that is lime free and weed free. Perfect for creating new beds and borders, replacing old soil, levelling lawns or making compost.
Available sizes: 25L bag, 55 per pallet.